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The House Key

Check out these Novelty Keys fitting either
SC1 (Schlage "C" 5 pin Keyway) or
KW1 (Kwikset 5 pin Keyway)
KW1 is also know to as a sub for WK2, AR1, WR3, WR5 & DE6 Keyways!
Plastic house head key color variations include:
red, yellow, purple, Bright blue, teal, black, white & neon pink!

Teal SC1 House Key Yellow SC1 House Key

With a molded "house" head, it's easier to find and easier to turn. Great for your key cutting shop customers, real estate agent - new home buyer give aways, and more!

The House Key Bucket Assortment

Buy 2 buckets and get a display FREE!
2 buckets of 80, one KW1 keyway, one SC1 keyway (most common U.S. keyways)
in assorted head colors. The handsome "display" can be placed on
your counter, in your display case, or attached to your pegboard

KW1 & SC1 w/display
for $161.28

One each bucket KW1 or SC1 keyway
Item# LL 15300

Best Value

Or just buy one bucket
of 80 in either KW1 or SC1
assorted colors
for $80.64
( NO display included)
Choose either KW1 or SC1 keyway
Display NOT included in single bucket purchases
Item# LL 15225 KW1 Keyway or
LL 15125 SC1 Keyway

Now available, House Key Caps!
While the above keys have a hard plastic house molded onto the key,
as an alternative, you may purchase rubber colored slide on key caps in the same design.

Jar of 100 assorted color caps
Black, Lt Blue, Green, Magenta, Red, Purple & Yellow
$18.60 per jar (18˘ ea cap) Item# LL 16225
Refill packs of 25 per color are $4.56 per pack (Min order $25). May require special order delay.

LV Sales Inc.    323-661-4746
or locksmiths & trade customers only may call: 800-894-KEYS
Realtors / Real Estate Agents, Marketing & other organizations
buying in bulk are welcome to send in orders as well.

We do NOT duplicate key blanks.
Retail customers should ask their local key cutters to carry these items.

We accept:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB & Discover Cards accepted
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Sorry, NO CODs

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