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Key Cabinets

MMF Brand Key Cabinets:

Many of the key cabinets may be in stock in MMF Econoline (single tag) brand.
Standard: 20 gauge bodies with 18 gauge doors.
Numbered slotted tags included with these cabinets.
(For hook through hole tags, see GE-Supra cabinets above.)

Catalog Part# Key Capacity:    
MMF 201901003 10 Key capacity
MMF 201903003 30 Key capacity
MMF 201904003 40 Key capacity
MMF 201906003 60 Key capacity
MMF 201908003 80 Key capacity
MMF 201911003 110 Key capacity
MMF 201300006 Key Tags, Plain White slotted (not numbered - can use your marker or labels - tags usually in stock)
**Drop Ships Only - Allow 1-2 weeks delivery **
MMF 201916003 160 Key capacity
MMF 201920003 200 Key capacity
MMF 201924003 240 Key capacity
MMF 201932003 320 Key capacity
MMF 201940003 400 Key capacity
MMF 201950003 500 Key capacity
MMF 201971503 715 Key capacity

MMF Cabinet Dimensions are as follows:
Capacity Dimensions H x W x D (inches) Appx Shipping
Weight (lbs.)
10 6-3/4  x    6-7/8  x  2 3
30, 40 12-1/8  x    8  x  2-5/8 4, 4.5
60 12-1/8  x    10-5/8  x  3 10
80 & 110 17-1/8  x  14  x  3-1/8 10.5 & 11
160, 200,
240, 320
20-1/8  x  16-1/2  x  4-7/8 17, 19,
22, 22
400, 500, 715 31-1/8  x  16-1/2  x  7 42, 44, 48

GE -StorAKey Supra StorAKey

StorAKey™ heavy-duty key cabinets hold 30, 60 or 120 keys. Now backed by the power of (pun intended) General Electric, Supra not only makes key lock boxes, but now also has a great new key cabinet line! Featuring 16-gauge steel construction and a continuous piano hinge, they're stronger than other key cabinets on the market. Keys can hang directly on the steel key hooks or on the supplied numbered key tags. The four-point mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes ensure secure installation. The keyless QuickAccess pushbutton lock option gives you added security and convenience. The unique clutch mechanism protects against forced entry, and you can change the entry code as often as you like with more than 1,000 possible combinations-you'll never have to re-key your lock again.

Or choose the StorAKey™ steel key cabinet with keyed cam lock and two keys (not shown but priced below). Includes numbered key tags with key rings and lock location chart for easy reference.

These GE Supra key cabinet boxes are stocked in clay (beige) and come with hook type tags. See the optional lighter grade MMF key cabinets below with slotted tags. Some say that the hooked tags do not get as easily "bumped off" of their hooks as the slotted tags do. The Supra's are also thicker steel, 16 gauge vs 18/20 on the MMF Econoline.

30 Key......12.04 x 8.11 x 3.19 in (case = 3 cabinets)
60 Key......19.53 x 13.62 x 4.76 in (case = 2 cabinets)
120 Key.....19.53 x 13.62 x 4.76 in (case = 2 cabinets)

GE Supra


001795 30 Key Pushbutton Key Cabinet
001796 60 Key Pushbutton Key Cabinet
001797 120 Key Pushbutton Key Cabinet
An alternative to the pushbutton is the original standard keyed cam lock type,
the same as above, except, instead of a pushbutton lock, it's a small simple single—key cam lock

(Also see the MMF Econoline below for keyed lock cabinets just a couple gauge thinner for less cost)

GE Supra


001801 30 Key Standard Keyed Cam Lock Key Cabinet
001803 120 Key Standard Keyed Cam Lock Key Cabinet

Combination Key Cabinets

Three Dial Combination Lock

  • The Combi-Cam three-dial combination lock has 1,000 possible codes.
  • Die cast metal construction and no plastic parts to crack or break.
  • Reset button allows quick combination changes.
  • The Combi-Cam can be reset quickly at any time or it can be converted to a non-resettable configuration.


  • Heavy gauge steel cabinet, hinge and key hooks
  • All metal combination lock
  • Continuous “piano” style hinge
  • High capacity key hooks support keys by the key ring or with the included write-on key tags.


  • Each hook can accommodate multiple key rings
  • Keys may be hung by the included key tags or by a key ring
  • Internal leaf for extra key storage without compromising the low profile design

SL-5448 (48 key hooks)


  • 48 Hook Capacity (SL-8548) Height: 9-7/8”
  • Width: 7-3/8”
  • Depth: 2-7/8”

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SL-9122 (122 key hooks)


  • 122 Hook Capacity (SL-9122) Height: 14-1/8”
  • Width: 10-1/2”
  • Depth: 4-1/8”

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Combi-Cam dial combination cam lock for cabinets

Replace your current key lock
with a combination cam lock!
It's an easy to use all metal dial lock,
kind of like on your briefcase or luggage (but durable).
Screwed on cam allows you the option to use
your old screwed on cam.

Easily reset to your combination at any time.
1,000 possible combinations.
No need to track the cabinet key at least!
Great idea - Affordable prices!

The Combi-Cam has a one year warranty
against manufacturing defects.
Sorry! This does not cover forgotten combinations! ;)

Also coming this fall, the Combi-Cam with black finish
and white numbers in 5/8" backset only.

Item# Cam Lock
Your cost
Dealer ea
By Box of 20pcs
Dealer per piece
Retail ea
Combi 7850S 5/8” $9.00 $7.80 $18.90
Combi 7850M 7/8” $9.15 $7.93 $19.21
Combi 7850L 1-1/8” $9.22
$7.99 $19.51

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