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THIN Key Lights

The thinest key lights!
KeyLights ™ are a
Pending product

Keylights tm
    Keys with built-in Flashlights!

KeyLights ™  are key blanks with powerful LED lights built into the bow (head) of the key.  

  • Convenient to simutaneously operate a light  and key with only one hand.  

  • Available in 4 bright colors with matching lights.  

  • It's like having a mini flashlight in each key to light up your path all the way to your door lock.

  • Nearly as thin as the key itself!
  • Key blades MADE IN THE USA!

Get a FREE display rack
when you order a KeyLights™ StarterPack.
    Each StarterPack includes an assortment of 120 KeyLights™ in all four colors (Black, Red, Green & Blue).
    Both Schlage (SC1) and Kwikset (KW1) keyways included.
    FREE display can be hung on wall/pegboard or placed on countertop
    Display includes flashing LED light header to attract customers
    Ships fully preloaded for easy display


FREE Display Rack with flashing light

Starter Pack dealer cost: inquire

There is a $5.00 Charge for a Drop Ship order
Approx. dimensions - 7.25" wide, 13" high, 5" deep

Keylights tmKeylights tm
Variety Pack
SC1 and KW1 Mixed
5pcs ea color ea keyway (40 keys total) inquire
SC1 or KW1
By the each, specify keyway / color

1-9 pcs - $2.85ea
10+ pcs(same color)- $2.50ea

Min order is $25.00 so if you're doing onesy, twosies...

There is a $5.00 Charge for a Drop Ship order
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