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by Kaba Ilco

key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys

Ilco 008 + 27X Portable Manual, Compact Duplicator (Made in USA) Called Mini-Mite, this key duplicator is perfect for mobile shops, or wherever space is tight. It's lightweight, compact, small but mighty. It will duplicate almost all cylinder keys, large bow keys and double-sided car keys easily. Has a key gauge for aligning keys, no adapters necessary. Optional carrying case and kit for cutting flat keys are available.
- Two-way clamp reversible vise jaws securely clamp residential, padlock keys and/or double-sided keys without adapters.
- Will duplicate large bow hotel/motel keys and car keys (like Ford Escort and GM Cavalier).
- Has key rake for deburring keys.
- Must use accessory pack 27X to cut flat steel ($37.55 includes slotter, hardware and instructions - included in prices below).
008A-110VAC + 27X Web price $447.95 (Shipping weight = 11lbs)
(Regular dealer $453.55)

Available by special order:
008A-220VAC + 27X Web price $447.95(Regular dealer $453.55)
008A-12VDC + 27X Web price $487.10(Regular dealer $493.55)

by Kaba Ilco

046 HD Manual Flat Key Duplicator

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RYTAN RY45key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys

RYTAN RY45SL - Manual Key Duplicator with slotter A well built manual key duplicating machine with many features found only on larger machines costing twice as much! The RY45 is equipped with the same cutter wheel and powerful motor as used on Rytans' larger machines (RY100 and RY256). Unique reversible top vise jaws AND reversible carriage provides maximum key clamping versatility. Like the larger machines, this compact manual machine has its own built-in cutter shaft lock, heavy duty dual ball bearing cutter shaft, 90° polyflex drive belt and large 3/4" diameter carriage shaft. Replaceable top and bottom vise jaws can be changed at any time in your shop or van. This machine is perfect for small shops, mobile shops and beginners who want to start out with the best machine at an affordable price. The RY45, with standard 115 volt 50/60hz motor, will work in your service van equipped with Redi-Line® 115 volt A.C. power converter. No Redi-Line®? DC motor also available.
Click here for the exploded parts diagram (Acrobat Reader needed).

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key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys
Rytan RY100.. key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys
Rytan RY100SL Semi Automatic Key Duplication Machine with slotter (Made in USA) Unique full-function key gauging, built-in cutter shaft lock, large diameter cutter, quick-change step vise jaws, heavy-duty ball bearing motor, and wide spaced vise jaws to hold large headed keys. The Rytan 100's rugged heavy-duty construction is built to take the most demanding use in the toughest work environments. Rigid backbone main housing, ¾" diameter carriage shaft, and powerful motor make this machine the choice of high volume shop owners. Nylon deburring brush kit seperately is $42.75 and recommended.

Available by special order: The
115VAC RY100 WITH .045" WIDE STYLUS FOR SAFE DEPOSIT KEYS $1048.00 + $44.75 for RY101 deburring brush kit
key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys

by Kaba Ilco

The KD15 is precision made to cut flat steel keys, nickel silver safe deposit keys, as well as lever cuts on many bit keys. This machine features a spring loaded key guide which “locates” the cut before the key blank contacts
the cutter. Special reversible vise jaws hold flat or bit keys. Includes a .039” (1mm) thick steel slotter. (Carbide replacement available).

Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.
Dimensions: 18” W x 12” D x 8” H

Price : $857.00
Regular : $1255.00

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