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High Security Laser Key Cutters

The Matrix S & SX and Bianchi 303 are laser key duplicators only.
The Silca Tri-Code HS will cut by code.

Licensed Locksmiths, Auto Dealers & Auto Repossessors only may get keys cut by code here:
Quattrocode & Tri-Code High Security Key Cutting Services

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High Security Space & Depth Keys

High Security Key Blank Duplicators:

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Triax e.Code High Security Code Key Blank Origination

Tri Code HS

by Kaba Ilco

Triax A/T machine DISCONTINUED
for the new lower cost Tri-Code HS

The Triax A/T electronic key machine, for high security keys, has been discontinued and is being replaced by the Tri-Code H.S. (no additional “Triax A/T” units are available). Like the Triax A/T, the Tri-Code is an electronic model designed for cutting high security “laser type” keys for automotive applications by duplication, bitting number, or indirect code.

The Tri-Code H.S. retains popular features from its predecessor such as straightforward screen menus, soft touch keypad, easy-to-view LCD screen, large safety shield, and simple operation. The footprint and weight are nearly identical to the Triax A/T. It is also covered by a three year warranty and one year free update coverage. Durability, and consistent accuracy is synonymous with Silca electronic machines, and the Tri-Code H.S. is no exception!

Important new features include:
• Three-position vise clamp- Broad range of vehicles covered “right out of the box”.
• One cutter- The machine utilizes a single cutter for all covered lock applications
• Built in tip stops- No accessory tip stop components to lose!

Price : inquire

Brochure / Specs (4pp - 609Kb)                      Manual (199pp - 18Mb)
Watch Video

W302 - Optional Cutter (required for cutting Lexus 80,000 series codes)
Price : $281.10

Constructed from Carbide material with AL-TIN coating

Tri-Code HS Software Update
Part Number : BK0375XXXX
Price : $150.00

This Software Supersedes version DB 5.01 for the North American market, and adds the following code series coverage :

Model Coverage
Code Series
2011 Fiesta / 2012 Focus
10001 - 11500

*Kaba Ilco is grateful to Toyota Motor Company USA for providing, and allowing us to include the Lexus 80,000 code series in the above software releases. To address concerns that this information be made available only to parties engaged in the legitimate servicing of Lexus vehicle locking systems, this particular code series is password protected. To access this code series, the user must first complete and return the “Application for Password” provided with the software. Upon receipt and acceptance of a properly filled in Application, Kaba Ilco will provide the customer with a password, enabling access on their specific key machine. Password protection applies only to the 80,000 series codes. This particular code series also requires the use of an optional cutter (W302) described above.

Please note that per agreement with Toyota, there is no added cost to the customer for the 80,000 series codes built into the price of these updates. The software update price reflects ONLY the other listed database additions, as well as firmware changes included in the update programs.


057 HS
Automotive High Security Keys

by Kaba Ilco

Most car manufacturers now offer vehicles utilizing high security type key blades. With this rapid movement toward the exclusive use of this type of locking system, the 057 HS provides an economical solution for duplicating these keys.

To stay up-to-date in automotive key duplication, get the 057 HS Performance Series. With the modest price point, and much higher re-sell price of High Security keys you will quickly offset the purchase price of this key machine.

Duplicates internal and external track, "laser", "sidewinder" style high security automotive keys (includes 2-track and 4-track versions)

  • Designed to Duplicate High Security Automotive Keys
  • Part of "Performance Series"
  • GM and Ford are both converting to High Security style keys on volume models which will drive demand
  • Right handed machine
  • Easy Calibration
  • Replaceable Jaw surfaces
  • Manufactured in the US

Download Brochure - updated 6/15/11
View Ilco's Video

Download FAQ - See here how you can recoup your investment by cutting just 35 Keys


(plus freight and tax)

Silca Matrix SLX

Silca/Ilco Matrix
by Kaba Ilco

S - Electronic adjustment, adapters available,110 volt

the key cutting machine with a two speed motor and self centering chucks giving this machine many outstanding features which allow you to duplicate laser and dimple cut keys (angle cuts' to 45 degrees) with speed, simplicity and absolute precision. 110VAC Special Order 2+ weeks lead time. (220VAC available with a min 12 - 16 week lead time for Silca machines).

Price $2728.77 (plus freight and tax)

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