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old Padlocks

Antique padlock replicas

Antique looking heavy metal padlock reproductions
We believe these are steel. They are operable in their old clunky way!
(origin not known - while supplies last)
8-1/4" wide
$215.00 ea
6-1/4" wide
$165.00 ea
3-3/4" wide
$60.00 ea
3-1/8" wide
$38.00 ea
2-1/8" wide
$23.00 ea
1-3/4" wide
$14.00 ea
1-1/2" wide
$12.00 ea
1-1/4" wide
$11.00 ea


Buddha Padlock

Reproduction Brass Padlock with raised image of Buddha.


Only 2 in stock



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We accept:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB & Discover Cards accepted
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Sorry, NO CODs

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