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THE BRUTE - Electro-Mechanical Lock

8497-102 #3 Strike INSWING $inquire ea (List price $inquire ea)


Factory set for inswing or outswing (specify).
For #1, #2 or #9 strikes, inquire for current prices.

    Model 8497 Specifications:
    Bare Specifications: Coil rating 12 VDC intermittent duty.
    DC Coil resistance 1.2 OHMS, factory installed 10ft. cable.
    Recommended pull-in currents and duration: 5 amps for ˝ second to 15 amps for 1 ˝ seconds.
    Recommended holding currents and duration: 600 Milliamps or .6 Amps for 60 seconds to 2 Amps for 15 seconds.
    NOTE: Long Distance - Use heavy gauge 14 wire or heavier, or not to exceed .2 OHMS cable resistance.

(Pictures are not necessarily to scale. Price updated Aug 2006)


For other safes, safe locks and accessories, locksmiths please inquire.
Due to the naturally heavy weight of safes, it is suggested you plan to pick
up any safes at our warehouse. If outside the Los Angeles area, you might
wish to consider checking local sources for safes.

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