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Master Keying Software

MasterKey-Pro (TM)

Not Just Quick And Easy But Powerful Too!

Masterkey-Pro (tm) is used to create master keying systems and print a number of useful reports. like... Pinning reports, that show you what to cut the key and how to label it, what bottom pins and master pins to put in each chamber and a description. Master Keying reports, showing you the different levels of Masters, Sub Masters, and the groups they fit, etc. Cross-Keying reports, Pin Count, Description. These reports take the confusion out of master keying and can save you many hours of frustration. (Click on the underlined reports link to view report samples)

Each system you create can be Customized by manipulating things like the Pin Size, Safety Factor, Step Increment,  Key Biting Array, Rotation Order, etc.

Each report can be edited to meet your immediate needs by typing whatever information you want directly into any report and using the Cut & Paste feature to move information around and/or cut it out now and put it back later if needed, you can also copy information and paste it directly into your favorite Windows word processor.

Easy point and click working environment, puts you in charge of all the many features.  Masterkey-Pro  from KeySoft ® is the perfect choice for all professionals and novice alike.

EZ Cross-Keying Shows You How To: Make more than one change key fit a common cylinder, and control it. Shows you how to stack pins for keys you want to fit a cylinder. Know ALL the keys that fit an existing cylinder with stacked pins. How to plan your Cross-Keying jobs.

MasterKey Pro for WINDOWS is regularly priced at $305.00

MasterKey Pro 2006 (with IC Core) $295.00 * †

Create-A-Card Software - creates code cards for HPC Blitz only $75.00 * †
SAVE! Buy MasterKey Pro 2006 AND Create-A-Card Software together for only $349.00 * †
Upgrade from MasterkeyPro 95, 97, 2001, 2003 or 2004 to MasterkeyPro 2006 for Only $109.00 * †

*Plus $5 shipping & handling (outside the USA $15) + tax if shipped to within California
† This item will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, generally via USPS Priority Mail.
MUST BE A REGISTERED OWNER TO UPGRADE otherwise you must buy the full version 1st.
Click on the credit card graphic at the bottom of the page to order using your credit card.

Still using DOS? Don't worry, a DOS version also available!

Kaba - Ilco Kreate-A-Key Software
From the makers of Instacode


You've been waiting for it, and now it's ready. The latest Kreate A Key update has just been released!
We've spent the past 12 months scouring the world for new codes, new series, new cards, new opening instructions and new transponder information.

Yes, the 2017 update includes:

  • Over 2000 opening instructions
  • 6000 Different year models of vehicles
  • Over 1200 Transponder procedures
  • Over 700 Remote Instructions
  • Over 3000 Notes on Airbag, Wafer Locations and Misc Information

No lock or vehicle manufacturer has escaped our attention, and we've left no stone unturned in our effort to track down every possible code that's been released by lock companies right around the world. We've pulled apart more cars, locks and padlocks than most locksmiths would see in a lifetime in an effort to make things simple for you.

Kreate A Key 2017 World Class Features

  • Kreate A Key includes over 8000 code series, and has the largest collection of data available. Kreate A Key is an intuitive user interface using predictive text entry. The program has the broadest range of search criteria and the fastest search available in any code software including searching by code, manufacturer, vehicle make, model and year, card number, key blank reference, key type etc.
  • Key blank cross-references, includes over 70 Key Blank manufacturers and over 80,000 references.
  • Pictures of key blanks and key blank profiles.
  • Support for the widest range of key cutting machines.
  • Printouts of whole code series (for use in you van).
  • Ability to search for bittings across a range of code series.
  • Car opening instructions for popular models. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Complete ASP catalogue online, cross references against make and model, with most models featuring colour pictures of the ASP locks and service components.
  • Key Remote Programming procedures for popular models. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Transponder key information and programming techniques. (Optional Extra-Vehicle Instructions)
  • Client key code storage & retrievals.
  • Kreate A Key supports a wide range of locksmith tools and is not specific to any particular manufacturer.
  • Live updates are available periodically via the Internet as new code series and information comes to hand.
  • Licensed to install on three machines at the one premises, with no security tag/dongle required.

Ability to Download to...

  • ILCO Futura*
  • ILCO EZ-Code
  • ILCO UltraCode
  • Silca's Unocode Version I, II, 199, 299 and 399's
  • Silca's QuattroCode
  • Silca's Marker 2000
  • Silca's Triax (Optional Extra)
  • Silca Futura
  • BD-Laser
  • Bianchi 993
  • Bianchi 994
  • JMA X-Code
  • Keyline Dezmo
  • Keyline Ninja Laser
  • Keyline Ninja Vortex
  • Keyline Sigma Pro
  • Keyline Versa
  • ITL 9000 and 950
  • HPC's Codemax
  • HPC's Blue Shark
  • Miracle A9
  • JMA Avantcode
  • JMA XCode
  • Ilco Orion ECM 200
  • * Requires enabling by ILCO

Key Cutting Information For...

  • Framon
  • Curtis
  • A1
  • Ilco Universal II
  • HPC Blitz (1200cm) Improved quality & accuracy on code card printouts
  • HPC 1200 Punch


Kreate A Key 2017 Does It All!

We are more confident than ever that you will find Kreate A Key to be "The World's BEST Code program", and that Kreate A Key is without compromise in terms of quality, ease of use, speed and quantity of information contained within.

The Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements Are...

  • Pentium CPU
  • 512MB of free (available) RAM
  • 300MB of available Hard Disk Drive space
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • One of: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012.
  • The minimum display resolution required is 1024 x 576 (Higher display is required for complete display of some Dimple and Bit series) with 16 bit colour (sometimes called 64K colors or 65536 colours) or greater.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later.

A Windows supported printer is optional. If you run several applications simultaneously you will require more RAM.

Kreate-A-Key LV Sales Special $798.00 (Reg. $857.14)
Base program Kreate-A-Key Software CD allows 3 installations.
Additional licenses are available directly from for $214.29 ea.
Older versions of Kreate-A-Key may be upgraded to current year at the same website.

Oct 2015

Blackhawk Products - Software
DOS based - Comes on 3 ½" or 5 ¼" floppy disks or mini CD

KBX™ - Key Blank Cross-References:

  • Over 32,000 blanks - The ones you know plus the ones you don't
  • More manufacturers listed, both replacement and original
  • Shows ALL known substitutes, not just one per manufacturer
  • Shows substitutes with other shank lengths, bow shapes, blade lengths
  • Covers pin, wafer, flat steel, safety deposit, and look-a-like blanks
  • Doesn't choke if you confuse zero and "O", or omit a hyphen
  • Updates offered twice each year - update only if YOU want to
  • Add YOUR OWN label to any group of blanks
  • Display only the blanks of the manufacturers you want to see
  • Easy to use - always ready for another key blank query
  • Used by locksmiths, distributors, government, schools, industry

    KBX is the easiest way to find a substitute key blank. Just type in the key blank number and it shows you what to substitute. If there are several nonequivalent blanks with the same name, it lists them by manufacturer and offers you the choice. You can use the lables to point to the location on your keyboard, or add other information that might help you.

    Refer to 7-, 6- and 5-pin blanks on the same screen. Find automotive blanks, which are further classified according to bow material and shank length.

      Use KBX:
    • to reduce training time with a new employee
    • for those blanks that you once knew but have forgotten
    • to find a blank with a different bow and reduce your inventory
    • as a game - it's wealth of information will entertain you for hours! :-)

      But most of all, use it to SAVE TIME. There are better ways to spend your time than looking for key blanks.

    KBX is the first, largest and most accurate key blank cross-reference program for locksmiths and distributors. Updates are available twice yearly.

KBX - $149.00 ; Updates $20.00

KBX™ Deluxe

  • All the blanks that are in KBX
  • All the manufacturers represented in KBX
  • All the features of KBX


  • Search your own labels for any substring
  • Use wild-card characters to search for blanks
  • Dummy blanks added for you to keep current between updates

    If you have a new blank you want to add to the program, but there is no group to attach it to, just add it as a label to a dummy blank. You can then search for the new blank as a label and find it (and any substitutes you've added) almost the same as if it were in the regular list of blanks. Two hundred dummy blanks are available for your use.

    If you have added your own hook numbers as labels, and notice that your employee has emptied a hook without reordering, you can find out what to reorder by searching the labels for your hook number.

    You can upgrade from KBX to KBX Deluxe at any time for the difference in price ($90.00) and still preserve the labels that you put on the regular version.

KBX Deluxe - $239.00


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